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Sede Cellbiocan The company starts as a spin-off from the Molecular Genetics Unit at the Valdecilla University Hospital in Santander (Cantabria, Spain), taking advantage of the experience accumulated through years of research in cellular and molecular biology of cancer.

The project was awarded the second prize at the 6th edition of the technology-based enterprises contest organized by SODERCAN (a public enterprise group aimed at fostering the regional socio-economic development).

By the end of 2010, TIRSO group, a company with more than 55 years of business experience and a high capacity of diversification in innovation areas, joined the project.

Cellbiocan collaborates with IFIMAV (a regional biomedical research institute) and Valdecilla University Hospital. The enterprise was formally constituted on April 1, 2011, becoming the first biotechnology company in the human health sector in Cantabria.

News about Cellbiocan

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